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Victoria - Archival Collection

Anglicare Victoria Records (1886 - )


The collection at Anglicare Victoria dates from 1886. The collection has information relating to women and families including adoption, children and young people in 'care', and work performed by the various institutions and facilities run by the founding agencies - namely, the Mission of St James and St John, the Mission to the Streets and Lanes, and St John's Home for Boys and Girls.


Access Conditions

Conditional access. Former residents (and their families) can contact Anglicare Victoria to gain access to records.

Former residents are given the original copies of letters addressed to them, school reports and certificates, wages receipts and other receipts of purchases. Anglicare Victoria will keep a copy for their record. The organisation is legally required to keep client files forever. Some former residents have added information to their client file as a way of completing the picture.


In 1997, records of the various orphanages, homes and other residences run by the three missions were transferred to Anglicare Victoria. Anglicare Victoria has now catalogued 22,000 client records which are held in safe storage and can be accessed on request.

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Prepared by: Rosemary Francis