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St Faith's (1975 - c. 1984)

c. 1984
Anglican, Children's Home, Family Group Home, Home and Protestant

St Faith's was established by the Mission to the Streets and Lanes in 1975. It was one of two cottages (the other was Unit 64) on Wilson Street, Brighton. The cottages provided specialist temporary residential care to children and adolescents. St Faith's and Unit 64 were closed in 1984.


In 1975, the Mission to the Streets and Lanes grouped its services for children and families in Brighton under the new name 'Unit 64'. Previously, it was known as the Homes for Children and Family Counselling Service.

The Mission provided specialist temporary residential care to children and adolescents in two cottages, known as St Faith's (62 Wilson Street) and Unit 64 (64 Wilson Street). The program worked with both Departmental wards and children from private placements.

In 1982 concerns about the buildings emerged. Discussions were held with the Department regarding possible relocation or subsidisation of new buildings for the program but there were a number of local objections to the proposals. After much consideration the Mission decided to close the Unit 64 program completely at the end of 1984.


1975 - c. 1984
Address - St Faith's provided accommodation at 62 Wilson Street, Brighton. Location: Brighton



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