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Overton Residential Nursery (1962 - 1974)

Babies' Home, Children's Home, Home and Non-denominational

Overton Residential Nursery was established in Bendigo in 1962. It provided accommodation for infants and children under five years. Overton closed in January 1974.


Overton Residential Nursery was established in 1962 by the Bendigo Creche Committee in a large single storey house close to the centre of Bendigo.

Extensive alternations to the property provided accommodation for 17 children in an infant wing and six bedrooms for older children. Under Health Department Regulations, Overton was approved to function as a subsidised residential nursery and was registered to take children under 5 years under the Infant Life Protection provisions and as an approved children's home. By late 1973, capacity had increased to 30 children.

A combination of changes in child care philosophy, the lack of suitable local children for placement due to the development of other facilities in the region as well as ongoing financial pressures led to the closure of Overton in January 1974.


1967 - 1974
Address - The Overton Residential Nursery was located on 243 View Street, Bendigo. Location: Bendigo


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