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Myra House (1945 - c. 1970)

c. 1970
Catholic, Children's Home and Home

Myra House, Kew, was established by the Catholic Church in 1945 and run 'voluntarily' by the Legion of Mary. It was a Home for girls aged 14 to 18.


At the opening of Myra House in January 1945, Archbishop Mannix stated that girls trained by the Legion of Mary at Myra House 'would be able to face the world with every confidence'.

By 1954 Myra House had moved from the property in Sackville street to Stanhope street, Malvern.


1945 - c. 1954
Address - Myra House was located at 12 Sackville Street, Kew. Location: Kew
c. 1954 - c. 1970
Address - Myra House was located at 66 Stanhope street, Malvern. Location: Malvern


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