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Windsor Youth Welfare Service (1973 - ?)

Care Provider, Government-run, Home and Youth Welfare Service

The Windsor Youth Welfare Service was established in 1973. It included a residential unit, and provided support and supervision for approximately 100 young women per year aged 13 to 18 years. Young women were referred to the Windsor Youth Welfare Service from regional Centres; Winlaton, Allambie and the Children's Court.


The Service also operated a small residential unit. The program aimed to provide skills to the young women to enable them to live independently, particularly for girl who experienced long periods of institutionalisation.

The treatment program focussed on group discussions and personal counselling and was supplemented by a variety of weekend activities to increase skills in preparation for independent living in the area of employment, accommodation and general life skills.

Contact continued for as long as necessary after the conclusion of the residential phase of the service. By 1978 the residential component at Windsor had been converted to a two month program for 14 year old girls. The girls did not attend school or work, but were taught social skills in the residential setting.


1973 - ?
Location - The Windsor Youth Welfare Service was located in Windsor. Location: Windsor

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