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Victoria - Organisation

Child Migrants Trust (1987 - )

Advocacy Body, Records Access Service and Support Service
Alternative Names
  • CMT (Acronym)

The Child Migrants Trust was established in 1987 by Margaret Humphreys CBE, OAM (a social worker from Nottinghamshire, UK) to address the issues surrounding the deportation of children from Britain. CMT provides people with advice and assistance with records searching, and provides support for those who came to Australia as part of the British child migrant schemes after World War Two. The Child Migrants Trust has two offices in Australia, one in Melbourne and one in Perth. It administers the Family Restoration Fund (FRF), a UK government funded program to help reunite former child migrants with their families so that they can build relationships, be involved in significant family events or urgently visit relatives in times of crisis such as serious illness or death.

Prepared by: Rachel Tropea