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Youth Training Centre (c. 1961 - )

c. 1961
Type of 'care'
Alternative Names
  • YTC (Acronym)

The term 'youth training centre' came into official use with the passage of the Social Welfare Act 1960. Section 9 of the Act provided that one of the functions of the new Youth Welfare Division was 'to maintain and control state institutions to be called "Youth Training Centres" and "Remand Centres" for the reception detention and treatment of young persons convicted of any offence punishable by imprisonment or awaiting trial or sentence for any such offence'. Previously, such institutions were known as 'juvenile schools'.


 1864 - c. 1954 Reformatory
       1954 - c. 1961 Juvenile School
             c. 1961 - Youth Training Centre
                   c. 1989 - Youth Residential Centre
                   c. 2005 - Youth Justice Centre

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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill