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Victoria - Organisation

Berry Street Incorporated (1992 - 1994)

Care Provider, Community Service Organisation and Non-denominational

Berry Street Incorporated came into being in 1992. It was previously known as Berry Street - Child and Family Care. In 1994, a decision was made to amalgamate with Sutherland Child Youth and Family Services. The merger became official on 6 September 1994. The new organisation retained the name Berry Street.


Regarding the amalgamation of Berry Street Incorporated with Sutherland Child Youth and Family Services in 1994, Nancy Groll wrote:

Sutherland needed to increase its financial base. Berry Street needed to increase its range of services. Both organisations were looking to secure their futures into the 21st century. Both Boards recognised that the stronger the organisation, the better it's placed to respond to, if not have some effect on, changes in funding and government policy. The amalgamation of Berry Street and Sutherland would create an organisation much stronger than either could ever have hoped to be on their own. It could be, as they say, 'a match made in heaven'.


 1877 - 1902 The Victorian Infant Asylum
       1902 - 1906 The Victorian Infant Asylum and Foundling Hospital
             1906 - 1964 The Foundling Hospital and Infants' Home
                   1964 - 1975 Berry Street Babies' Home and Hospital
                         1975 - 1992 Berry Street - Child and Family Care
                               1992 - 1994 Berry Street Incorporated
                                     1994 - Berry Street

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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill