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Victoria - Glossary Term

Juvenile School (1954 - c. 1961)

c. 1961
Type of 'care'

The Children's Welfare Act 1954 defined the juvenile school as an institution 'to care for juvenile offenders committed to the care of Children's Welfare Department and young persons admitted or committed to Children's Welfare Department who are in need of special supervision, social adjustment and training' (s.14). After the passage of the Social Welfare Act 1960, juvenile schools became known as 'youth training centres'.


 1864 - c. 1954 Reformatory
       1954 - c. 1961 Juvenile School
             c. 1961 - Youth Training Centre
                   c. 1989 - Youth Residential Centre
                   c. 2005 - Youth Justice Centre

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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill