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Victoria - Organisation

Adoption and Family Records Service (c. 1984 - 2010)

Department of Human Services

c. 1984
November 2010
Adoption Information Service, Government Agency and Records Access Service
Alternative Names
  • Adoption Information Service (Also known as)
  • AFRS (Acronym)

The Adoption and Family Records Service (AFRS) was a program within the Department of Human Services (DHS) for former wards of the state of Victoria and their families. The purpose of the Service was to release state ward files and provide assistance to locate other relevant records and information; give counselling and support and referrals to support groups; and to help affected families locate and contact each other. In November 2010, the Service changed its name to Family Information, Networks and Discovery (FIND) - Personal information for Former Wards of State, Adoption and Donor Conception in Victoria.


 c. 1984 - 2010 Adoption and Family Records Service
       2010 - 2019 Family Information, Networks and Discovery
             2019 - Adoption Information Services, Department of Justice and Community Safety

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Related Legislation

  • Adoption Act 1984 (1985 - )

    The Adoption Act 1984 provided for the creation of an Adoption Information Service in Victoria. This legislation gave adopted people the right to access information about their adoption.

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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill, Rachel Tropea