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Bethany Community Support (1977 - )

Care Provider, Non-denominational, Records Access Service and Records Holder
Alternative Names
  • Bethany Community Support Inc.
  • Bethany Family Support (1977 - ?)

Bethany Community Support, a child and family welfare agency, was formed in 1977. Formerly, Bethany operated as an adoption agency and babies home, and was known as the Bethany Babies' Home. Bethany Community Support is an independent, voluntary organisation with no political or religious affiliations.


In December 2008 Bethany opened its new offices in Grovedale at Shop 10, 147 Marshalltown Rd. A number of programs are located there including Innovations Casework, Housing, Community Kitchens, Homework Clubs and Saver Plus.

In 1977, when Bethany ceased operations as an adoption agency and babies' home, all records pertaining to individuals, placements and adoptions were transferred to the Department of Human Services. These records can be accessed through the Family Information Networks and Discovery (FIND).

Bethany Community Support has retained some historical records of a general nature and also holds a number of old photographs, some donated by former mothercraft nurses. However there is little background information to put the photos into context.


 1868 - 1928 Geelong Female Refuge
       1928 - 1977 Bethany Babies' Home
             1977 - Bethany Community Support



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Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: James Jenkinson Consulting, Guide to out-of-home care services 1940-2000 - Volume One: Agency Descriptions, Department of Human Services, Unpublished, November 2001,

Prepared by: Cate O'Neill