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Alliance for Forgotten Australians (2006 - )

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  • AFA (Acronym)

Established in 2006 in response to the 'Forgotten Australians' report, the Alliance for Forgotten Australians (AFA) is a national group of organisations and individuals from across Australia that promotes the interests of the estimated 500,000 people who experienced institutional or other out-of-home care as children in the last century and who suffered physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse: the Forgotten Australians.


The Alliance for Forgotten Australians (AFA) works to advance its objectives at all levels of government in Australia. It works with the knowledge and co-operation of its members to advance issues at the Federal, State and Territory levels.

AFA is committed to:

1. Obtaining adequate acknowledgement, accountability and redress for past wrongs.
2. Achieving the full implementation of the recommendations of the Senate Report, overseen by a National Watch Committee.
3. Supporting current efforts to highlight child protection issues, including those relating to Indigenous people and child migrants.

The organisation Families Australia provides secretariat and project support to AFA.

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Online Resources

  • Harrison, Eris Jane, Forgotten Australians: supporting survivors of childhood institutional care in Australia, This booklet is designed to inform and assist doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, dentists, social workers, counsellors and welfare workers. It will also be an essential resource for service delivery organisations. It aims to give health and other professionals the background information they need to recognise, relate to and assist people who are experiencing long term trauma because of a childhood spent in orphanages or Homes - the Forgotten Australians., Fifith edition, July 2016 edn, Alliance for Forgotten Australians and Families Australia, 2016, Details
  • Senate Community Affairs References Committee Secretariat, Parliament of Australia, Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children, Commonwealth of Australia, 2004, Details

Prepared by: Cate O'Neill