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Connections UnitingCare (2000 - 2017)

Adoption Agency, Care Provider, Protestant, Records Access Service, Records Holder and Uniting Church
Alternative Names
  • Connections (Also known as)

Connections UnitingCare is an amalgamation of several agencies brought together in May 2000. Connections provides services including adolescent community placement, adoption and permanent care and an adoption information service. Connections holds adoption records for all the Uniting Church's babies' facilities and children's facilities. These facilities include institutions formerly operated by the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches. Connections also holds admission registers for the Presbyterian Sisterhood Home. In July 2017, the organisation became known as Uniting - Connections.



Address - Connections UnitingCare's Adoption Information Service was located at 274 High Street, Windsor. Location: Windsor


 1929 - c. 1974 Methodist Babies' Home
       1974 - 1991 Copelen Street Family Centre
             1928 - 1977 Presbyterian Babies' Home
             1973 - 1998 Grassmere Youth Services
             1991 - 1998 Copelen Child and Family Services
                   1970s - 2000 Wheelers Hill Family Centre
                   1977 - 2000 Canterbury Family Centre
                   1998 - 2000 Copelen
                         2000 - 2017 Connections UnitingCare
                               2017 - 2020 Uniting - Connections
                                     2017 - Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited

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  • 'Historical Details', Kildonan Uniting Care, 7 September 2007. Details

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