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Victoria - Organisation

Department for Reformatory Schools (1887 - 1900)

Colony of Victoria

Care Provider and Government Department

In 1887 following the proclamation of the Neglected Children's Act (No.941) and the Juvenile Offenders' Act (No.951) responsibility for 'neglected' children was assumed by a Department for Neglected Children while the Department for Reformatory Schools assumed responsibility for convicted juveniles.


 1864 - 1887 Department of Industrial and Reformatory Schools
       1887 - 1900 Department for Reformatory Schools
             1901 - 1954 Department for Reformatory Schools

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  • Department for Neglected Children, Colony of Victoria (1887 - 1900)

    In 1887, the Department for Industrial and Reformatory Schools was split into two separate government agencies - the Department for Neglected Children was responsible for neglected children, and the Department for Reformatory Schools was responsible for juvenile offenders.



  • Department for Neglected Children and Reformatory Schools. Report of the Secretary., Government Printer, Melbourne, 1888 - 1924. Details

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