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Children attending lessons at Wyadra Hostel

Children attending lessons at Wyadra Hostel, 25 March 1954, courtesy of The Mercury.

Children attending lessons at Wyadra Hostel

This is a black and white photograph of two boys during a lesson at Wyadra Hostel. They are seated at a desk wearing headphones, with microphones overhead. A woman stands infront of them holding a picture of the Queen. This photograph appeared as part of a photo-set in The Mercury on 26 March 1954. The caption reads "A special room is provided at the institute with equipment to help patrially deaf children. Microphones and earphones are used in amplifying the voices of teachers and children during lessons. Here Leigh Harrison (left) and Ian Bruce listen attentively to teacher Miss I. Arnott."

25 March 1954
Published Source
'Those afflicted make appeal for aid', The Mercury, 26 March 1954, p. 12, Details
The Mercury
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