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Tasmania - Legislation

The Maintenance Act 1921 (1922 - 1968)

Principal Act

The Maintenance Act 1921 had the full title "An Act to consolidate and amend the Law relating to the Maintenance of Deserted Wives and Children and Other Persons, and to provide for and facilitate the Obtaining and Enforcing of Maintenance Orders in Tasmania and Other Countries in which Reciprocal Provisions are in force, and for other purposes" (Act no. 12 Geo. V No.40). This act underwent significant amendment throughout its 46 year application in Tasmania. This act not only details the maintenance, placing in institutional care, and penalty for deserting parents but how Tasmanian law in these areas works in relation to other states of Australia, England and Ireland. This act was repealed in 1968 by the Maintenance Act 1967 (Act no.36/1976).


 1837 - 1863 Maintenance of Deserted Wives and Children 1837
       1863 - 1873 Maintenance of Deserted Wives and Children 1863
             1873 - 1920 Maintenance of Deserted Wives and Children 1873
             1907 - 1920 Infant Life Protection Act 1907
                   1920 - 1922 The Maintenance Act 1919
                         1922 - 1968 The Maintenance Act 1921
                               1967 - The Maintenance Act 1967

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