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HM Gaols Department (1936 - 1944)

Government Department

The HM Gaols Department replaced the Sheriff's Department in 1936. It had oversight of the inmates of the Police Watch House in Launceston and other local gaols and ran Campbell Street Gaol in Hobart. In 1944, it became the Gaols Department.


Although the HM Gaols Department had oversight of the inmates at the Police Watch House in Launceston and in other local gaols around Tasmania, the Police Department ran them. Some of those inmates were under the age of 18.


 1824 - 1936 Sherriff and Gaols Department
       1901 - 1924 Sherriff and Gaols Department
             1936 - 1944 HM Gaols Department
                   1944 - 1959 Gaols Department
                         1959 - 1983 Prisons Department
                               1983 - c. 1992 Law Department
                                     c. 1992 - 1998 Department of Justice
                                           1998 - c. 2004 Department of Justice and Industrial Relations
                                                 c. 2004 - Department of Justice

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Sources used to compile this entry: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 'Feature article - 100 years of prison service: Tasmania's history has a compelling link with prisons', in Tasmanian Year Book, 2004,!OpenDocument.

Prepared by: Caroline Evans