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Guardianship and Administration Board (1995 - )

Government Agency

The Guardianship and Administration Board, established in 1995, replaced the Guardianship Board. In 2014, it appoints guardians for adults with intellectual disabilities, manages their financial affairs if necessary, and organises enduring powers of attorney.


According to the website of the Guardianship and Administration Board, it 'can make decisions for the benefit of persons who have a disability and are unable to make reasonable judgements about lifestyle and financial matters'.

The website also states that the Board's vision is:

To respect the rights of people with disabilities to make their own decisions wherever possible, and when it is not possible, to ensure that processes that we employ are accessible, impartial, expeditious, highly competent and result in just decisions by the Board.


 1922 - 1964 Mental Deficiency Board
       1963 - c. 1995 Guardianship Board
             1995 - Guardianship and Administration Board

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Prepared by: Caroline Evans