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Tasmania - Archival Collection

Salvation Army Records (c. 1897 - c. 1998)

c. 1897
c. 1998

The Records of the Salvation Army contain some documents pertaining to Barrington Boys' Home, Rock Lynn House, Elim Maternity Hospital, and Maylands Salvation Army Home for Girls.


Access Conditions

Care leavers can apply to the Salvation Army for information and records about their time in care.

A two page application form will need to be completed. The form will ask for contact details, personal and family information to assist with a record search and identification. The application requests copies of a drivers licence and birth certificate or 100 points of identification. Those who don't have enough official documents can ask the Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) or the Find & Connect Support Service to confirm their identity to the Salvation Army.

Those applying for information about a third party will need consent from that person or the executor of their estate.

In 2013, the Salvation Army is digitising their records which will make searching them faster. Until that is complete, the records have to be searched manually which can take a day or more.


The Salvation Army holds the following records of Tasmanian Homes:

  • Barrington Boys' Home - a few records. These include miscellaneous incomplete files, a children's register (1962-1972, and children's holiday records (1969-1972).
  • Rock Lynn House - some records may have been destroyed in a laundry fire during the 1960s. However, there are book records with the dates 1904 to 1912, 1939 to 1948, and 1954 to 1960. There is also a history book kept because of Salvation Army policy. It contains documents about events, such as garden parties.
  • Elim Maternity Hospital - there are book records dated 1899 to 1910, 1925 to 1939 and 1919 to 1921. There are also some miscellaneous incomplete files for Elim babies and Elim temporary stay clients. Another set of files entitled 'Elim' does not have a description.
  • Maylands - there are some miscellaneous incomplete files.

Salvation Army Records also holds the Index to the War Cry.

Prepared by: Caroline Evans