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Clarendon Children's Home Inc. (c. 2004 - )

c. 2004
Anglican, Community Service Organisation, Records Access Service and Records Holder
Alternative Names
  • Clarendon Children (Also known as)

Clarendon Children's Home Inc, established in 2006, is a successor organisation to Clarendon Children's Home and is managed by a governing Board. In 2014, it uses funds from the sale of the Home for grants to agencies that carry out early intervention work with children and their families. Clarendon Children holds the records of Clarendon Children's Home and the Home of Mercy.


In 2004, the Managers of the Clarendon Children's Home identified an increasing need for programs to support families so that their children did not have to go into care. This led the Managers to close the Home and put the proceeds in a trust fund. Clarendon Children's Home Inc. draws on that fund for the grants that it gives to agencies carrying out early intervention work with children and their families.


 1922 - 2004 Clarendon Children's Home
       c. 2004 - Clarendon Children's Home Inc.

Sources used to compile this entry: Correspondence with the Director of Professional Standards, Anglican Diocese of Tasmania, 'Clarendon Board on Find & Connect', 18 March 2017, held in the project files at the University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Centre.

Prepared by: Caroline Evans