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Colony 47 (1973 - )

Care Provider and Community Service Organisation

Colony 47 was founded in 1973 as a community centre for young people. It ran Aspect House and continues to run Mara House. In 2014, it also offers young people support in finding accommodation and advice about careers and training.


Colony 47 was founded by a group led by the Reverend Jon Colville, who wanted to set up a community centre for young people who were 'disadvantaged'. The first premises were in the Congregational Church at 47 Davey Street, Hobart. According to the website of Colony 47, the number, '47' refers to the street address of this original site. The word 'Colony' describes 'the strength of a group of individuals drawing together to support those facing what seemed like a hostile environment'.

Colony 47 was supported by donations, fundraising and a grant from the Congregational Church. By late 1974, it was open seven days a week. It provided a meeting place for young people, counselling, literacy skills, a toy library, and support in finding accommodation. In 2014, the organisation runs eight sites in Hobart and Launceston and employs 140 people.

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