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Tasmania - Archival Item

Register of the Admission of 'Mental Defectives' (1926 - 1965)

New Town Infirmary

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The Register of the Admission of 'Mental Defectives' lists people living at the New Town Infirmary, and the institutions that superseded it, who were registered as 'mental defects' under the Mental Deficiency Act 1920. The age ranges were from 10 to 54.


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The Register gives the person's name, age, date of admission, date of discharge or death, religion, if able to read or write, date of certification under the Mental Deficiency Act, trade or calling, pensions, and the names and addresses of relatives or friends. A column entitled 'from what district' often names a former institution, for example HM Gaol, Ashley Home, Lachlan Park Hospital, Clarendon Children's Home, Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys, Barrington Home for Boys, and Magdalen Home. The Register is organised alphabetically with men on the left hand page and women on the right.

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Prepared by: Caroline Evans