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Tasmania - Organisation

Cerebral Palsy Tasmania (2000 - c. 2017)

c. 2017
Community Service Organisation

Cerebral Palsy Tasmania replaced the Cerebral Palsy Association of Tasmania in December 2000. Its purpose was to provide support and assistance to people who were affected by cerebral palsy. In 2013, Cerebral Palsy Tasmania merged with UnitingCare Tasmania but retained its own name. It appears that when UnitingCare Tasmania became Uniting Victoria & Tasmania in 2017, the Cerebral Palsy Tasmania name was no longer used for the program, however services for people with Cerebral Palsy continuted to be offered by Uniting Victoria & Tasmania.


 1963 - 1970 Spastic Children Treatment Fund Committee
       1970 - 1996 The Tasmanian Spastics Association
             1996 - 2000 Cerebral Palsy Association of Tasmania
                   2000 - c. 2017 Cerebral Palsy Tasmania

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Prepared by: Caroline Evans & Constance Thurley-Hart