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Tasmania - Glossary Term

Siblings in Care (c. 1865 - )

c. 1865
Glossary Term
Alternative Names
  • Separation of Siblings (Also known as)
  • Sibling Separation (Also known as)

Siblings in care refers to policies regarding the separation of brothers and sisters once they become state wards or are placed in an institution or foster care for other reasons. Historically, it was not the policy in Tasmania to separate siblings. Even so, for many children, becoming a state ward or entering an institution meant separation.


The reasons for separating siblings were usually organisational. Many institutions only accommodated children of one sex and even those with girls and boys kept them separate as much as possible. Some institutions only took children of a particular age. In foster care, siblings might be separated because of a number of circumstances. For instance, some families were too big for one placement or one sibling might have clashed with the foster mother.

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Prepared by: Caroline Evans