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Tasmania - Archival Collection

Wybra Hall Records (1981 - 1985)

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The Wybra Hall records held by Tasmanian Archives consist of annual planners, daily comment books, absconding lists, duty diaries, and records of children's education. The records date from 1981 to 1985.


Access Conditions

Restricted 75 years (E75)

E75 means these records are closed to the general public for 75 years from the date of the last entry in them. People wishing to access these records should contact Adoptions and Permanency Services After Care Support Program, which is run by the Department of Communities Tasmania. Applicants will be required to fill out a Personal Information Protection (PIP) form. How access is provided once permission is granted will depend on the file. Usually Adoption and Permanency Services request it back and then provide access or copies. Staff at the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office may be able to assist you in finding other relevant records.


The collection of records created by Wybra Hall held by Tasmanian archives includes the following five series:

Records about Children's Education, 1984-1985
Series Number: AF832

This series consists of daily lists of children enrolled in classes, those not enrolled (some listed as in a work programme), and comments of children's learning and activities (including behaviour). The list from 1984 is titled School Unit Attendance, and the list from 1985 is titled School Unit Diary.

Duty Diaries, 1981-1985
Series Number: AF834

This series consists of diaries of staff on duty at the Wybra Hall. For each day different staff filled out the times of duties perfomed, as well as any incidents and events. The number of children at any point in time is recorded including how many boys and girls. The diaries are arranged chronologically.

Annual Planners, 1981-1985
Series Number: AF835

This series consists of seven planners listing the daily list of planned events for Wybra Hall through the year. These events include taking a child somewhere, picking someone up, visitors, appointments, and bus arrangements. The planners are arranged chronologically.

Daily Comments, 1981-1985
Series Number: AF836

This series consists of five comment books of children at Wybra Hall. The books list a brief comment next to each child's name once or twice each day. This is signed by one of the staff on duty. The comment books are arranged chronologically.

Absconding Lists, 1981-1982
Series Number: AF837

This series consists of lists of the children absconding from Wybra Hall, from school, or from another outing. It is arranged by date, when they returned and the penalty in the Secured Room.

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Prepared by: Constance Thurley-Hart