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South Australia - Legislation

The Lunatics Act 1864 (1864 - 1914)

Principal Act

The Lunatics Act 1864 (Act No. 21/1864) was passed and commenced on 9 December 1864. Its full title was: An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the Safe Custody of, and Prevention of Offences by, Persons Dangerously Insane; for the Care and Maintenance of Persons of Unsound Mind; for the Care and Management of the Property and Estates of such Persons; and for other purposes. There were three amending acts, the Lunatics Amendment Act No.3/1865-6, the Lunacy Act No.19/1865-6, and the Lunacy Act No.1/1868-9. It was repealed by the Mental Defectives Act 1913 on 12 August 1914.


 1847 - 1864 Lunacy Act 1847
       1864 - 1914 The Lunatics Act 1864
             1913 - 1936 The Mental Defectives Act 1913
                   1936 - 1995 Mental Defectives Act 1935
                         1995 - 2010 Mental Health Act 1993
                               2010 - Mental Health Act 2009

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Prepared by: Christine Moje