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Rescued Sisters' Home (1890 - 1899)

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Alternative Names
  • Adelaide Women’s Rescue Home (Also known as)

The Rescued Sisters' Home was opened by the Salvation Army on the corner of King William Street and South Terrace in 1890. It operated as a rescue home for destitute women and girls. From 1893 it operated in conjunction with the Adelaide Maternity Home. The Rescued Sisters' Home closed in 1899 when the Salvation Army opened The Bridge Rescue Home.


The Rescued Sisters' Home, on the corner of King William Street and South Terrace in Adelaide, was the Salvation Army's first Rescue Home for 'fallen' women and girls. Established in a two storey former hotel with 14 beds, it was officially opened on Monday 13 October 1890. Within a year of its opening all 14 beds were occupied but reports from the Annual meeting of the Rescue Home stated that the building could accommodate up to 20 if beds and bedding could be supplied.

It was reported by 1893 that the Rescued Sisters' Home was suffering from overcrowding and that:

…the Army has had no proper means for dealing with maternity work. It is the aim of the Army to find situations where possible for mothers with children, whilst in some cases these are adopted.

In 1893 in order to deal with pregnant girls coming to the Home the Salvation Army opened the Adelaide Maternity Home which ran in conjunction with the Rescued Sisters' Home.

The Rescued Sisters' Home continued to operate until 1899 when the Salvation Army purchased the Bushman's Club in Gilbert Street, Adelaide, and opened the Bridge Rescue Home.


1890 - 1899
Address - Rescued Sisters' Home was situated on the corner of King William Street and South Terrace, Adelaide. Location: Adelaide


 1890 - 1899 Rescued Sisters' Home
       1899 - 1934 The Bridge Rescue Home
             1934 - 1977 The Bridge Industrial Home

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