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Port Pirie Hostel (1974 - 1990s)

Children's Home, Disability Institution, Home and Hostel

The Port Pirie Hostel was opened by the Mentally Retarded Children's Association in 1974 on Balmoral Road in Pot Pirie. It provided accommodation for people with intellectual disabilities who were attending the Port Pirie Workshop. The Workshop provided training and employment for residents. Port Pirie Hostel was one of a number of Hostels established by the MRCA in regional areas of South Australia in the 1970s. The closing date of the Port Pirie Hostel is unknown.



1974 - 1990s
Address - Port Pirie Hostel was situated at 33 Balmoral Road, Port Pirie. Location: Port Pirie


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Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George