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South Australia - Legislation

Juvenile Courts Act 1965-1966 (1965 - 1971)

Principal Act

The Juvenile Courts Act 1965-1966 (Act No. 3/1966) was passed on 10 February 1966 and commenced on 7 July 1966. It replaced the Juvenile Courts Act 1941 and was repealed by the Juvenile Courts Act 1971 on 23 December 1971. The Act made recommendations on the committing of a child to an institution. It was amended by le Courts Act Amendment Act 1969 (Act No. 76/1969). Its long title was 'An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the powers of courts to deal with neglected and uncontrolled children and with certain offences by young persons, and matters connected therewith, and for other purposes'.


Key Provisions: A Juvenile Court may commit a child to an institution or to the care of the Minister if a complaint charging a child with being a neglected or uncontrollable child is proved. To be read with Maintenance Act 1926-65. Repealed by Juvenile Courts Act 1971.


 1941 - 1966 Juvenile Courts Act 1941
       1965 - 1971 Juvenile Courts Act 1965-1966
             1971 - 1979 Juvenile Courts Act 1971
                   1979 - 1994 Children's Protection and Young Offenders Act 1979
                         1994 - Statutes Repeal and Amendment (Children's Protection and Young Offenders) Act 1993


Online Resources

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Prepared by: Melissa Downing, Christine Moje