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Hannah Buckley Home (1980 - 1987)

Catholic, Cottage Home and Home
Alternative Names
  • Parkside Cottage (Also known as)

Hannah Buckley Home was established by the Catholic Church in Parrkside in 1980. Children tranferred from Orana Cottage at Plympton were the first residents. The Home provided residential care for a small number of children in a family group setting. Hannah Buckley Home closed in 1987.


The Hannah Buckley Home was establied by the Catholic Church in April 1980 in Parkside. The first children to be placed in the Home were transferred from Orana Cottage in Plympton.

The Home was named after South Australia's first Catholic social worker and founder of the Catholic Family Welfare Bureau, Hannah Buckley. Cottages run by the Catholic Church were variously staffed by Catholic Sisters, a cottage mother or married cottage parents. The majority of cottages were located in suburban areas. They accommodated a small number of children in a family group setting. Most provided medium to long term care rather than short term emergency care. Hannah Buckley Home closed in April 1987.


1980 - 1987
Address - Hannah Buckley Home was situated at 49 Young Street, Parkside. Location: Parkside

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Prepared by: Karen George and Gary George