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Apology to children who were wards of the state placed in adult mental health facilities (2010)


In February 2010, the Queensland government issued an Apology to those who, as children in the care of the State of Queensland, experienced or witnessed maltreatment or neglect, or were inappropriately placed in Queensland adult mental health facilities.


The Apology acknowledged that the previous Queensland government apology to those who had been harmed while in church- or state-run children's institutions, did not extend to those who had been placed in adult mental heath institutions.

The Apology was issued by Paul Lucas, Deputy Premier and Minister for Health, and Karen Struthers, Minister for Community Services and Housing and Minister for Women.

The Apology also noted that formal reconciliation was important in healing the hurt suffered, and undertook to plan a reconciliation process in consultation with those who had been harmed while under the care and protection of the state.


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Prepared by: Kirsten Wright