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Mental Health Act 1974 (1974 - 2000)

Principal Act

The Mental Health Act 1974 (Act no. 2/1974) repealed and replaced the Mental Health Act of 1962. This act was repealed and replaced in 2000 by the Mental Health Act 2000 (Act no. 16/2000).


The Mental Health Act 1974 had the full title: 'An Act relating to the Treatment and Care of mentally ill persons and to their property and affairs; to amends the Prisons Act 1958 - 1969 in certain particulars and The Inebriates Institutions Acts 1896 to 1968 in a certain particular; and for connected purposes' (Act no. 2/1974).

The Mental Health Act 1974 was extensive in reach and covered multiple aspects of the lives of people with a mental illness and their treatment. This included regulations on involuntary admission to institutions, the role of police and health care professionals, the treatment of people with a mental illness found guilty of crime and the property of persons with a mental illness.


 1938 - c. 1962 Mental Hygiene Act of 1938
       1962 - 1974 Mental Health Act 1962
             1974 - 2000 Mental Health Act 1974
                   2000 - Mental Health Act 2000


Online Resources

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Prepared by: Elizabeth Daniels