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Queensland - Legislation

Family Services Act 1987 (1987 - )

Amending Act and Principal Act

The Family Services Act 1987 - with the full title "An Act to provide for assistance to be made available to families, youth and children; to provide for the licensing of child care facilities; and for other purposes"(Act no. 32/1987) - was implemented in 1987 and, including its amendments, still applies today (in 2014). The act sets out five aims referred to as objects. The key focus of these aims is community well-being achieved through the support of families and young people in State care. It includes a statement about the coordination of social welfare services and the promotion of opportunities for what it calls 'youth of the State'.


The Family Services Act amends the Adoption of Children Act 1964 (Act no.54/1964) and has itself been amended multiple times including in 1999 by the Family Services Amendment Act (Act no.52/1999).

Sources used to compile this entry: Law Research Service, Melbourne Law School, Law Library, The University of Melbourne. 'Find and Connect Project - Queensland Legislation', 4 April 2013, held in the project files at the University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Centre.

Prepared by: Elizabeth Daniels