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Guardianship and Custody of Infants and Marriage of Minors Amendment Act 1928 (1928 - 1991)

Amending Act

This act with the full title "An Act to Amend the Law with respect to the Guardianship, Custody and Marriage of Infants" (Act no. 19 Geo.V. No.4) amends the two acts, The Guardianship and Custody of Infants Act 1891 and the Marriage of Minors Amendment Act.
The amendment relates to child custody in the case of the death of a parent or parents as well as cases where the court removes children from their parents. The amendment begins by stating that any court decisions should be made based on the welfare of the 'infant', above the welfare or wishes of parents or guardians. The act then goes on to provide equal rights for a mother to apply to the court as the father, as well as specifying the rights of surviving parents and guardians, including the responsibility that they act 'jointly' concerning the infants care. In addition the requirements for support payments from fathers who no longer live with their children and their child's mother.

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