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Queensland - Concept

Queensland State Government (1901 - )

1 January 1901

The Colony of Queensland became the Queensland State Government on the 1st of January 1901 when Federation occurred.


The Queensland Government has undergone some significant changes since its formation in 1901.

The parliament of Queensland was originally comprised of a two house parliamentary system, consisting of a Legislative Council (or Upper House) of members appointed by the Governor and the Legislative Assembly (or Lower House) of members elected by the people of Queensland. Together these two houses were responsible for the passing and amendment of legislation as well as other governmental duties.

This system had existed since the establishment of the Colony of Queensland in 1859, which became the Queensland Government in 1901.

Criticism of the Legislative Council (or Upper House) was made as early as 1861 and continued until its abolition on the 23rd of March 1922. Much of the criticism surrounded the fact that the Legislative Council (or Upper House) did not consist of democratically elected members, but those appointed by the Governor General.

As of 2014 the Queensland Government still operates with a single house, the Legislative Assembly.


 1859 - 1901 Colony of Queensland
       1901 - Queensland State Government

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Prepared by: Elizabeth Daniels