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Corrective Services Department (1999 - 2009)

1 May 1999
26 March 2009
Care Provider and Government Department

The Corrective Services Department replaced the Queensland Corrective Services Commission in 1999. The Corrective Services Department was responsible for the operation of custodial correctional centres which included supervision of offenders, their rehabilitation along with probation and parole services. In 2009 the Corrective Services Department was abolished and its functions transferred to the Community Safety Department.


 1988 - 1999 Queensland Corrective Services Commission
       1999 - 2009 Corrective Services Department
             2009 - 2013 Community Safety Department


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Sources used to compile this entry: 'Corrective Services Department (Agency ID 10859)', in Queensland State Archives website, Queensland Government, 2004 - 2013,

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth