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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Mission Thursday Island (1884 - 1984?)

24 October 1884
Catholic, Home and Mission
Alternative Names
  • Sacred Heart Mission Thursday Island (Also known as)

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Mission Thursday Island was established in 1884 by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart arrived on the island to run the convent school and care for the girls in the orphanage. They also assisted in setting up and running the first hospital. During World War Two the Mission was evacuated to Cooyar near Toowoomba, however by March 1946 residents were free to return to Thursday Island. Around 1984 administration of the Mission was handed over to the State government. The Torres Strait Council has administered Thursday Island since 1994.



1884 - 1984
Location - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Mission Thursday Island was situated on the South-West side of Thursday Island. Location: Thursday Island

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Prepared by: Lee Butterworth