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Queensland - Archival Collection

Records and Archives, Children's Institutions (c. 1900 - c. 1995)

c. 1900
c. 1995

Records and Archives, Children's Institutions is an archival collection held by the Sisters of Mercy, Brisbane Congregation. The collection contains records relating to children's institutions and out-of-home care facilities run by the Sisters of Mercy. It includes admission information, files, historical information, documents, annual reports, memorabilia and photos.


Access Conditions

Requests for personal information need to be made in writing. This information can be gained by anyone who is able to identify themselves as having a right to personal information. A computer print-out is available of all information recorded from the books of original entry. Physical access to the records is not available due to their fragility and the need to protect the privacy of others.


This archival collection contains records relating to Fatima Home for Children, Holy Cross Home, Holy Cross Retreat, and the Industrial School for Girls, Wooloowin. It also includes records from St Vincent's Orphanage in Nudgee.

The following records exist for Fatima Home for Children, Toowoomba:

  • Admission Register 1974 to present day
  • Files (Note: these are sometimes Family files and information would not be readily available to any particular member of that family), 1974 to present day
  • Medical cards 1974 to 1995

The following records exist for the Holy Cross Retreat, Wooloowin:

  • Admission Registers 1895 - 1960 (children); 1929 -1974 (girls/women), (not
    necessarily totally available)
  • Admission cards 1964 -1968
  • Files 1969 - 1974 approx; 1974 -1984 approx (State admissions who were pregnant)

Prepared by: Caroline Evans