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Ray Powell Cottage (1969 - 1976)

Children's Home, Family Group Home, Home and Salvation Army

Ray Powell Cottage, in Toowoomba, was a family group home co-located with Horton House. It was run by the Salvation Army. It opened in 1969 and became part of the renamed Horton Village in 1976.


As a result of the 1960s move towards providing care for children in smaller cottages, Ray Powell Cottage was added to the Horton House campus in 1969.

The cottage housed up to 16 children with house parents.

In 1976 the whole complex became known as Horton Village.


1969 - 1976
Address - Ray Powell Cottage was situated at 2 Curtis Street, Toowoomba. Location: Toowoomba

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Sources used to compile this entry: Horton Village History sheet, copied from the Horton Village Policy and Procedure Manual and given to Lee Butterworth on 23 October 2012.

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth