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Queensland - Legislation

Health Act 1937 (1937 - )

Principal Act

The Health Act of 1937 consolidated ten previous Acts dealing with public health. The Director-General of Health, appointed by the Governor in Council and who must be a medical practitioner, was authorised to administer the Act. The Director-General of Health was empowered to issue orders and give directions, to safe-guard the health and well-being of the public. A number of diseases were deemed to be notifiable; leprosy being one of them. The full title of this act was "An Act to Consolidate and Amend the Laws Relating to Public Health" (Act no. 1 Geo. VI, No.31).


The Health Act of 1937 also dealt with the notification of births and the categorisation of infectious diseases. The provisions dealing with leprosy authorised the Governor in Council, by Proclamation, to appoint any place to be a lazaret for the reception and treatment of lepers. It also allowed for the removal of any person suffering from leprosy to be removed to, and detained, in a lazaret.


 1892 - 1937 Leprosy Act 1892
       1937 - Health Act 1937

Related Organisations

  • Fantome Island Lazaret (1939 - 1973)

    Fantome Island was declared a lazaret and patients suffering from leprosy were moved to the island under the provisions of the Health Act of 1937.

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