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Queensland - Archival Collection

Salvation Army Records of Queensland Institutions

Any surviving records relating to institutions in Queensland run by the Salvation Army are now located in Sydney. Anyone interested in seeking information about their time in 'care', or a family member, should contact the Salvation Army's Eastern Territory office in New South Wales.


Access Conditions

Anyone interested in seeking information should write to the Salvation Army Eastern Territory office in New South Wales. You will need to fill out application forms and provide proof of identification. If your current name is different to the name you had when at the Home, you may have to provide a copy of your birth certificate.

When applying for records, please provide any other useful information you might have, such as the dates when the person was in the Home. The Salvation Army will provide the applicant with a copy of whatever records are found.


This collection includes photographs of Salvation Army Children's Homes, a set of approximately 400 photographs of Salvation Army children's homes across New South Wales and Queensland, taken from 1922 to 1993. The Queensland children's homes with photographs are Alkira Salvation Army Home for Boys, Home for Boys Riverview, Salvation Army Home for Girls, Yeronga, and Salvation Army Girl's Home, Toowong.

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Prepared by: Cate O'Neill