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Queensland - Archival Series

Minutes, Silky Oaks Haven for Children (1940 - )

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This Archival Series contains Minutes of the meetings of the Silky Oaks Children's Haven dated from 1940 to the present.


Access Conditions

Documentation has been kept from 1940 onwards. However, information on residents in the early years is sparse. All past and present residents can have access to their files and the information therein. In cases where there are reports from professionals (eg psychologist), permission is first sought from the professional to release this information.

Persons wishing to view their file may need to establish their identity before access is granted. Once this is established, a mutually suitable time to view the material is made.


Most of these minutes are arranged chronologically in bound volumes. Many of the Minutes in the earlier volumes are handwritten and are sometimes out of chronological order or missing. Minutes prior to the 1980's contain many references to identifiable individuals, including clients, staff, volunteers and members of the Assemblies and Silky Oaks Corporation.

Prepared by: Jackie Bettington and Elizabeth Daniels