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Queensland - Archival Collection

Silky Oaks Haven for Children, Records (1940 - )


The Silky Oaks Haven for Children describes its collection of records as containing:
'Personal information regarding entry and discharge dates, birth dates, parent and sibling names, school history, photographs of the site and accommodation, some contain records of the reasons for discharge. Photographs of the buildings and area show the location and accommodation of the client group, group photos help identify themselves, and other children and staff they may have shared time with.


Access Conditions

Documentation has been kept from 1940 onwards. However, information on residents in the early years is sparse. All past and present residents can have access to their files and the information therein. In cases where there are reports from professionals (eg psychologist), permission is first sought from the professional to release this information.

Persons wishing to view their file may need to establish their identity before access is granted. Once this is established, a mutually suitable time to view the material is made.


The records of Silky Oaks Haven for Children have been organised into thirteen archival series. Some of these Series have more detail than others. Details about archival series are often added over an extended period of time as the archival collection they belong to is used, understood in light of new events or knowledge and documented by different people.

The series in this collection with extra detail are listed below:

  • Series 1: Client Files (1940 - 1991)
  • Series 2: Admission and Discharge Registers (11 December 1948 - 1990's)
  • Series 3: Minutes (1940 - Current)
  • Series 4: Annual Reports (13 October 1941 - 31 December 1998)
  • Series 8: Client Files - correspondence with State Government Departments (8 June 1940 - c. 31 December 1976 )
  • Series 10: Client Files - Commonwealth Government Departments
    (c.1 January 1980 - c.31 December 1995)
  • Series 11: Weekly Returns (9cJuly 1957 - 17 June 1998)
  • Series 12: Admissions and Discharges - Correspondence and Forms (22 February 1947 - c.30 December 1961)

The remaining five series are:

  • Series 5: Newsletters
  • Series 6: Staff Reports to Council
  • Series 7: Minutes of Staff Meetings
  • Series 9: Donor Files - donated goods
  • Series 13: List of clients, staff and volunteers

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Prepared by: Jackie Bettington and Elizabeth Daniels