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Queensland - Archival Series

Admission Registers (1871 - 1906)

Industrial and Reformatory School for Boys

16 March 1871
6 September 1906
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The Admission Registers, Series ID 986, record details of admissions to the Reformatory School for Boys - Lytton, Diamantina Reformatory School for Boys, the Reformatory School for Boys - Hulk Proserpine and the Westbrook Reformatory for Boys.


Access Conditions

These records are open access and are available for viewing by the general public.


This series provides a record of boys who were admitted to and served time in the industrial and reformatory school because they were neglected or had been convicted of a crime. Most inmates were under the age of 18 and were sentenced to serve time in the reformatory by the Children's Court.

Information recorded includes: admission number, date of admission, name, age, height, weight, circumference of the chest, complexion, colour of hair and eyes, place of birth, previous trade or profession, where tried, name of justice, offence, date of conviction, particulars of previous convictions, name and address of parents, occupation of parent, religious denomination, date of expiration of sentence, date of discharge, and any further remarks.


Online Resources

Sources used to compile this entry: 'Admission Registers (Series ID 986)', in Queensland State Archives website, Queensland Government, 2004 - 2013,

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth