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Queensland - Organisation

Department of Families, Youth and Community Care (1996 - 2001)

State Government of Queensland

26 February 1996
22 February 2001
Care Provider and Government Department

The Department of Families, Youth and Community Care was previously known as the Department of Family and Community Services. The department's responsibilities included a range of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, neglected or abused children, juveniles in conflict with the law, people with disabilities, older people, the homeless, disadvantaged, and families in crisis. The Department ran the Therapeutic Adolescent Residential Assessment Unit, The Outlook Training and Resource Centre, the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre and the
Cleveland Youth Detention Centre. On 17 February 2001, the Department's title was changed to the Department of Families.


[Taken from the Queensland State Archives website:]

This agency was previously known - from 25 Jan 1996 to 26 Feb 1996 - as the Family and Community Services Department, which superseded the Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs Department. The title was changed to Families, Youth and Community Care Department on 26 Feb 1996 after the general state elections, when the Department underwent structural changes.

The department's services were highly decentralised to effectively meet needs at a local level. It consisted of the Director-General, the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Youth Bureau, Division of Disability Services, Division of Community Services Development, Division of Protective Services and Juvenile Justice; also the Office of the Director General, Information Services and Finance and Organisational Services.

The regional structure was built around services to clients and aimed to allow the greatest possible flexibility so that services could be responsive to local needs. The five regions were Brisbane North, Brisbane South, South West Queensland, Central Queensland and North Queensland.


 1879 - 1911 Public Instruction Department, Orphanages Branch
       1904 - 1939 Chief Protector of Aboriginals Office
       1911 - 1935 Home Secretary's Office, State Children Department
             1935 - 1963 Health and Home Affairs Department, State Children Department
             1939 - 1966 Director Of Native Affairs Office
                   1963 - 1966 Labour and Industry Department, State Children Department
                   1966 - 1975 Aboriginal and Island Affairs Department
                         1966 - 1987 Children's Services Department
                         1975 - 1984 Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement Department
                               1984 - 1987 Community Services Department
                               1987 Family and Youth Services Department
                                     1987 - 1989 Community Services and Ethnic Affairs Department
                                     1987 - 1989 Family Services Department
                                           1989 - 1996 Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs Department
                                                 1996 Department of Family and Community Services
                                                       1996 - 2001 Department of Families, Youth and Community Care
                                                             2001 - 2004 Department of Families
                                                                   2004 - 2009 Child Safety Department
                                                                   2004 - 2012 Communities Department
                                                                         2004 - 2012 Communities Department
                                                                               2012 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs Department
                                                                               2012 - 2017 Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Department
                                                                                     2017 - Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

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