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Lotus Place: Support Service for Queensland's Forgotten Australians (2006 - )

Community Service Organisation and Support Service

Lotus Place became the Support Service for Queensland's Forgotten Australians in 2012. It provides former 'care' leavers (people who grew up in institutions or foster care in Queensland until 1989) and their immediate family members with personal support, help with records and family searches, counselling, social activities, support groups, opportunities to learn new skills, as well as assistance with other specific needs.


Lotus Place, under the control of Micah Projects, is a resource centre dedicated to Forgotten Australians.

The lotus flower represents the journey from Adversity to Hope, made possible through advocacy and public recognition.

Lotus Place provides:

  • A safe place for Forgotten Australians
  • Reliable connections to others, where their shared experiences of childhood and the consequences of this are respected
  • State-wide information and referral services


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Prepared by: Lee Butterworth