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Queensland - Organisation

Catholic Women's League, State of Queensland Inc. (1975 - )

Catholic and Church Agency
Alternative Names
  • CWL (Acronym)

The Catholic Women's League, State of Queensland Inc. was established in 1975. It developed out of the Catholic Daughters of Australia, Brisbane, which was established in 1927. The League aims to unite Catholic women in a common bond of friendship for the promotion of religious, intellectual and social work.


Membership to the CWL is open to all Catholic women who are considered eligible by the branch executive. The organisation operates within the state of Queensland at all levels; state, diocesan/regional and branch. It is affiliated with the Catholic Women's League Australia Inc. and the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations.


 1927 - 1975 Catholic Daughters of Australia
       1975 - Catholic Women's League, State of Queensland Inc.



Sources used to compile this entry: Catholic Womens' League of Australia, Catholic Womens' League of Australia: Our History, 2012. Also available at

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth