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Queensland - Organisation

Catholic Daughters of Australia (1927 - 1975)

Care Provider, Catholic and Religious Order

In 1927 Archbishop James Duhig approached the Ladies Committee of the Seamen's Catholic Club and suggested the formation of a branch of the Catholic Daughters of Australia (CDA).The inaugural meeting of the Catholic Daughters of Australia, now known as the Catholic Women's League (CWL) of Queensland, was held on the 10th September 1927. Their motto, "For the Honour and Glory of God" , was chosen by Archbishop James Duhig for the Catholic Daughters of Australia (CDA) in Queensland. The CDA of Queensland was predominantly a charitable institution with a focus on the welfare of women and children.


 1927 - 1975 Catholic Daughters of Australia
       1975 - Catholic Women's League, State of Queensland Inc.



Sources used to compile this entry: Catholic Womens' League of Australia, Catholic Womens' League of Australia: Our History, 2012. Also available at

Prepared by: Lee Butterworth