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Adoption Services Queensland

Adoption Information Service and Government Department
Alternative Names
  • ASQ (Acronym)

Adoption Services Queensland (ASQ) is part of the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs, Queensland Government. ASQ is responsible for administering adoption legislation.


ASQ provides services in Queensland to:

  • parent/s considering adoption for their children
  • children requiring adoptive placements
  • people seeking to adopt children
  • people seeking information about a past adoption
  • people seeking to lodge a contact statement about a past adoption.

These services include:

  • help and support with decision making
  • access to culturally appropriate services and support
  • access to additional services and support external to the department
  • information and counselling to ensure an informed and voluntary decision is made regarding a child's future care, as required under the Adoption Act 2009


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Prepared by: Lee Butterworth