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Queensland - Archival Collection

Enoggera Boys' Home Records (1906 - 1978)


The Enoggera Boys' Home Records held by the Anglican Records and Archives Centre consists of records dated between 1906 and 1978.


Access Conditions

Due to the potentially private and personal nature of the records in this collection, it is open only to people who have experienced 'care' at Enoggera Boy's Home. People may need to provide proof of identity before accessing these records to further protect the privacy of the individuals who may be mentioned within them. Those wishing to access the records in this collection are encouraged to contact the Archivist at the Anglican Records and Archives Centre.

In some cases people may be able to amend records relating to them after verification or appropriate declaration.


The collection at the Diocese of Brisbane (Anglican Church of Australia) relating to Enoggera Boys' Home consists of the following records series:

Series 1: Admission Records

Date Range: 1928 - 1969
This Archival Series contains Church records relating to the admission of boys into the Enoggera Boy's Home between 1928 and 1969. Items include an admission register and a list of names created by a former matron of the Enoggera Boy's Home.

Series 2: Baptism and Confirmation Records

Date Range: 1937 - 1973
This Archival Series contains 4 registers and some loose cards relating to baptisms and confirmations of boys who experienced 'care' through the Enoggera Boys' Home between 1937 and 1973. This series contains:

  • Baptism Register for Home
  • Confirmation Register for Home
  • Entries included in the Baptism Register for Grovely Parish
  • Individual baptismal and confirmation cards held in Tufnell Childrens' Home records
  • Service register for Home

Series 3: Registration Records

Date Range: 1977 - 1978
This Archival Series contains 2 files of records relating to the weekly returns to government departments by Enoggera Boys' Home between 1977 and 1978. Forms include:

  • Department of Children's' Services Return of Children in Care
  • Advice of Admission and Discharge

Series 4: Correspondence

Date Range: 1973 - 1984
This Archival Series contains 6 files of general correspondence and correspondence to government departments from Enoggera Boys' Home, grouped in dates. The correspondence is dated between 1973 and 1984. Some items of correspondence may contain lists or letters containing individual children's names.

Series 5: Other Records

Date Range: 1950 - 1965
This Archival Series relates to miscellaneous records from Enoggera Boys's Home dated between 1950 and 1965, it includes surveys and photographs.

The Diocese of Brisbane (Anglican Church of Australia) has also advised that the following records also exist in their collection:

  • Personal client files dated between 1973 and 1977
  • A Housekeeping Book with entries dated between May 1939 and February 1942
  • A Minute Book with entries dated between 11 November 1938 and the 3 May 1950
  • Diocesan publications relating to the history of the institution


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Prepared by: Lee Butterworth and Susan Laidlaw